Tiny Feature Films

a creative, artistic and affordable alternative to full videography coverage.


What does a memory feel like? A moment. Nostalgic.

How do you remember it? Warm? Heavy on the heart? Fuzzy?

However you remember - it makes you smile.



Tiny features are exactly that. Music video like, tiny moments captured to create a mini film highlighting what your wedding day felt like. Documenting the location, couple, family and friends. These films are styled to resemble the imperfections and dreaminess of real film. Remember the movies you watched as a kid of your family from the 8mm? 


These are the in-between moments. They happen fast but are the most cherished.


These films are packed with real feeling and emotion. Weddings move fast. Even the smallest of elopements. Making memories even more important. This is the perfect addition to your photos to cherish for a lifetime.