Hello Friends,

My name is Heidi. I live in Upstate New York. I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer.

I don't really consider myself a "wedding photographer". I am more importantly an artist. I consider my camera a tool. As a painter might describe his/her paint brush. It allows me to make pictures of moments and people in love. The way I see them.

I have had the honor of photographing so many different creatives. I have worked with film directors, fashion designers, art professors, bloggers, art directors, magazine editors, graphic designers, fellow photographers and all types of other artists. We see the world in the same way. Full of spontaneous opportunity and beauty. 

My Style

I just like to tell stories in the most natural way possible. I don't like to fake moments. I enjoy film like qualities in digital age imagery. I break the rules. I am not afraid of lens flare, grain and negative space. I don't believe in the prom pose. I don't believe in having a book of photo configurations I make every couple do. Each wedding and couple is different. I live for the moments in-between takes. I'd rather just let you act like a living breathing human. Sound ok?

  - - -




Random Things:

I am vegetarian
I love being outside
I just got married in Iceland (July 2016)
I live in Troy, NY (my favorite place in the world)
I love craft beer (IPAs) and pizza/burritos
I consider myself a dog whisperer
I love Wes Anderson
I just started trumpet lessons
I love traveling to different cities
I have too much floral patterned clothing
I am addicted to learning new things

What i've been watching while I edit:
Gilmore Girls - sorry - not sorry. ;)

What i've been listening to:
Beirut and Jenny Lewis

I am currenlty reading:
Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson


 photo by: Matt Miller

photo by: Matt Miller

 photo by: Dianna Marr

photo by: Dianna Marr

 photo by: Dianna Marr

photo by: Dianna Marr


Everyone is different and so is their budget.
I offer both hourly rates and full packages.


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